Environmental Policy

Corresponding to our corporate policy on passing a healthy environment to the next generation, all PAC subsidiaries are committed to conducting all operations with minimal impact on the environment. We conform to all regulatory requirements and legislation of each country. We with our best efforts, will strive towards excellence through continuous improvement in environmental protection. PAC is committed systematic and continuous preservation of the environment, and promotion of environmental protection activities and culture.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  2. Preservation of our Environment
  3. Management by Goals to set company-wide common objective
    of environmental protection
  4. Establish Goals to reduce negative environment impact
  5. System Promoting Environmental Protection
  6. Training of staff to achieve our goals on environmental preservation
  7. Continuous improvement of activities on environmental protection
  8. Disclosure of the policies for environmental protection to the public

Green Procurement

The Pioneer group of companies is committed to the protection of the environment. Its policies on the environment are a reflection of this commitment and are manifested through initiatives like Green Procurement activities.

Our environment policy reinforces our commitment systematically and continuously to develop environmentally friendly products. Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd., our environment policy reinforces our commitment 'systematically and continuously to develop environmentally friendly products, preservation of the environment and promotion of environmental protection activities and culture'.

We are confident that the assistance and co-operation of our partners and vendors shall contribute in no small way to our mission towards honouring our commitment.

Our standards, guidelines and tools are categorised into three sections:

  • Common Standards
  • Guidelines
  • Manuals and Tools

Common Standards

a. [GGP-001] Standard for Chemical Substances Contained in Products

This standard relates to the treatment of substances harmful to the environment and contains information on the management of these substances as well as detailed chemical definitions.

GGP-001-O, released on 29th Jan 2016 - NEW
Please contact respective buyers-in-charge for information


Pioneer Group EHS Management Guidelines

This manual contains information on the requirements and procedures for the submission of the Environmental Substances Report.

GPC-001-B, updated in Dec.2007 [Effective from 1st Jan. 2008]

Environmental Substances Report Manual *

We shall be conducting audits on suppliers' management of environmental hazardous substances. This document stipulates the criteria against which suppliers shall be evaluated.

Ver 5.0 [PAC Edited],released in April 2004

Environmental Substances Report Outline*

In line with our requirement for each vendor and supplier to compile an environmental substances report, which is a chemical substances data survey on all components parts, products and raw materials supplied to us, this outline contains comprehensive information on the scope of the survey as well as the guidelines on chemical declarations.


The documents listed above are identical to those issued by Pioneer Corporation unless marked with asterisks to indicate PAC editions. Vendors may contact their respective buyers-in-charge for clarification.

Japanese language versions of these documents shall be made available upon request.


The information contained herein is intended solely for the use of the partners and vendors of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd.

Unauthorised copying or distribution in any manner shall be prohibited and the company shall not be liable for any damage and or loss caused by the misuse and or unauthorised use of any part of the said information.